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Visa Solutions Clients Website Office Hours: 012 6709010 or 012 6709022 Cell No if you cannot get through on land lines: 084 769 6000 and 076 974 4840 Email address: info@gmtm.co.za ( always use VS + Your initials and surname in subject line

GMTM Consultants specialises in the retrieval of Personal and Official Documents as well as the Legalisation there off  by Apostille, Authentication, Embassy Authentication and Notarisation.

In conjunction with Visa Solutions we are supplying a One Stop service for the retrieval and Legalisation of your Personal documents

Our office is situated  Centurion a suburb of Pretoria with most the Government Head Offices and Embassy’s  within easy reach. Our personnel visits most Government Institutions and Embassy’s on a daily basis.

We are not only trusted by Individuals in south Africa and abroad but also by Embassy’s, Immigration Agencies, Attorneys, Cooperate, Government Departments, Embassy's and Ex-Pats  to obtain time sensitive documents on their behalf.

We have the systems and process in place to safe guard your documents and treat your applications with confidentiality.

Besides our own knowledge base we make use of highly qualified individuals and professionals when deemed necessary.

We have worked out a fee structure whereby Visa Logistics gets reduced rates if they use any of our services in conjunction with a Application of  Police Clearance Certificate at a reduced fee.

We will represent you irrespective if you're inside or outside of South Africa.

South African Personal Police Clearance Certificates a record of your criminal record or declaration of a absence of a criminal Record

Document Legalisation

a process whereby documents are prepared to be used outside of South Africa by the process of;

Apostille for Countries whom are signatories of the La Hague Convention Document protocol 0f 1961.

Embassy / Consular Authentication or Attestation is the process used by countries whom are NOT signatories to the La Hague Convention of 1961.

Divorce Decrees

Copy or Duplicate Of Your Divorce Decree, Divorce Order or Divorce Paper.

Criminal Record Expungement

Expungement of a Criminal record means that the record of the criminal record is sealed and the details are not revealed in for example a “Police Clearance certificate”. For all practical purposes the offence can be handled as if it never happened. Legally you do not have to declare the offence unless asked.

Notary Copies

is the only copy of a document that can be Legalised by Apostille or Authenticated and Attested by a Embassy.

A notary seal can only be issued by a attorney whom is allowed as a Notary at the High Court. The notary makes a exact copy of the original document and confirms by affixing the notary seal that it is a exact replica of the original document

SANDF Exemption Letter

Letter from the South African Defence Force to confirm if a person has any outstanding obligations to the SANDF.

Home Affairs Documents

• Birth Certificates

• Marriage Certificates

• Letter of No Impediment

• Vault Copy Birth certificates

Applications done and Expidited to 20 work days on your behalf.

Vehicle police Clearance done on your behalf.

• Stolen Recovered

• Engine Change

• Permanent Export

• Cross Border Visit.

• Contract Work

Official Translations.

Translations of Documents by Registered Translator which can be Legalised.

Welcome to our website for Retrieval of South African Documents If you do not find the information you need please feel free to contact or email us.


Gawie Maritz  Owner and Managing Director

Making Document Compliance Simple