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Apostille, Authentication, Notarisation, Attestation and Embassy Authentication.

Legalisation of documents is a process whereby documents are made suitable or acceptable to use in another country than its country of origin by;

  Apostille   Authentication   Embassy Authentication   Notarisation    Attestation

A Apostille or Authentication Seal is affixed to the document to attest to the Legality. Only documents that originated in South Africa can be Legalised in South Africa.

The intricate process of document compliance made easy by using our services.

  Documents Needed   Process  Lead Time Fees When Required  Knowledge Base  

Documents needed

 • Original documents to be Legalised.

 • Client Sheet and instructions

 • Copy of applicants Identity Document



 • Complete and Email us the Inquiry

 • We will respond with a cost estimate.

 • Courier the documents to us.

 • We will invoice and on receipt of the required deposit we will start the process    as per requirements.


Lead Time

Apostille between 4 and 5 days and add between 3 to 7 days for Embassy Authentication.

Expedited service is available at a additional fee.

When is Legalisation of Documents Required

When South African Documents are intended for use outside of South Africa Documents must be Legalised to attest to the Authenticity of the documents by Apostille, Authentication, Embassy Authentication, Attestation or Notarisation

Cost and Fees

Knowledge Base

 Apostille Legalisation is a process used to attest thereto that a Document conforms to the Legal Requirements of its Country of Origin and that the signatures on such a document is that of a person or persons whom were authorised to sign such document. This process is followed by member countries or signatories to the Protocol of the La Hague Convention of 1961.

The Apostille process can be cumbersome and are full of Legal pitfalls but we at GMTM Consultants make Document Compliance for use outside of South Africa Simple.

Note:  Information on the Apostille Convention - The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 (Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents) can be obtained http://www.hcch.net, including the list of signatories.

Embassy Authentication Legalisation is a process used to attest thereto that a Document conforms to the Legal Requirements of its Country of Origin and that the signatures on such a document is that of a person or persons whom were authorised to sign such document. This process is followed by Countries whom are not members or signatories to the Protocol of the La Hague Convention of 1961.


In South Africa the Department of International Relations and Co-Operation also known as DIRCO, Consular Notary Services does the Legalisation of Official (Public) documents. (Formerly known as the Department of Foreign Relations) . DIRCO has a Data base of all the authorised signatories of official documents in South Africa. This means that if a document is signed by an official whom signature is registered the document is deemed as a legal document. The Type of document and the target country dictates the process.

First it must be understood that there two processes which depends on the individual country whom decides namely Apostille which is accepted by countries whom are signatories of the La Hague protocol of 1961 and Embassy Authentication for those countries who are not.

Several steps are necessary to make the documents suitable which can include:

 • This process can have several steps starting with the Government Department where    the documents originates for example Qualifications at the Department of Education and    Birth Certificates at the Department of Home Affairs, Medical Certificates at the Health    Professionals Council etc. Notary Copies, official Translations and Divorce documents    at the relevant High Court.

 • The relevant Department confirms the authenticity of the format and signatures of the    document and then DIRCO confirming that the authentication was done by a competent    and authorised person.

It has too be noted though that Legalisation of a documents does in no way confirm the correctness of the contents of the document just that it is the correct format and signed by a competent and authorised person and thus conforms to the legal requirements of such a document.

The following documents among others can be Legalised for use outside of South Africa.

 • Birth Certificate – Abridged, Unabridged, Vault Copy, Hand Written Full Certificate

 • Business Documents

    •• Certificate of Free Sale

    •• Resolution

     •• Power of Attorney

 • Degree from a Government University Registered with the Department of Higher    Education.

 • Degree from Private University Registered with the Department of Higher Education

 • Degree from University NOT Registered with the Department of Higher Education

 • Diploma from a Government College Registered with the Department of Higher    Education.

 • Diploma from a Private College Registered with the Department of Higher Education

 • Diploma from a College NOT Registered with the Department of Higher Education

 • Death Certificate - Abridged

 • Death Certificate - Un Abridged

 • Divorce Decree

 • Letter of No Impediment

 • Marriage Certificate – Abridged, Unabridged, Vault Copy, Hand Written Full Certificate

 • Matriculation Certificate obtained from Department Education up to end of 2007

 • Matriculation Certificate obtained from UMALUSI from 2008

 • Medical Certificates

 • Notary Copies

 • Police Clearance Certificate

 • SAGE Certificate

 • SARS Tax Certificate

 • School Transfer Documents for a Government School

 • School Transfer Documents for a Private School

 • Single Status Certificate

 • TEFL Certificate

 • Translations

 • Translation Services


The following types original official (public) documents can be Authenticated direct by DIRCO provided they adhere to the legal requirements and then presented to the relevant Embassy:

 • Home Affairs Documents.

   - Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.

   - Letter of No Impediment ( Free to Marry) not older than 3 months.

   - Citizenship Confirmation

   - Naturalization

 • Police Clearance Certificate not older than 6 months.

 • Department of Justice.

   - Adoption Papers

 • Confirmation of Drivers License by Department of Transport.

Documents that cannot be Legalised by DIRCO.

 • Home Affairs documents:

- Without correct signature

- Marriage certificate issued by the Marriage Officer

- Any copies of documents certified or not – only notary copies.

- Old documents which signatures are not on the data base.

 • Documents which has been laminated will not be accepted for    legalisation purposes.

Please note that unless specifically instructed other wise the legalisation is not done on the original documents but on a authenticated or notary copy with the exception of:      

 • Medical Reports

 • Divorce Decree

 • Official translations

 • Qualifications and School transfers.

Documents that first must be Authenticated or processed by other authorities then presented to DIRCO for Authentication before Attestation by the relevant Embassy.

 • Registration of companies and of close corporations, registration of patent designs, trademarks and copyrights must first be stamped and signed (every page) by the relevant Registrar at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Companies and Intellectual Property Commission Office (CIPC), who is authorised to sign documents for international purposes.  (Please take note:  If the DTI – CIPC is unable to stamp and sign the documentation, then the customer needs to follow the route of the Public Notary/Registrar of the High Court.)

 • Export documentation must be stamped and signed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  (Please take note:  

 • School and transfer certificates:  Primary and secondary school certificates (grade 1 – 11):  The transfer card needs to be signed and sealed by the principal of the school and the education district director or deputy director with a studie confirmation letter from the principal.  The Department of Basic Education will issue a confirmation Letter.

 •  Secondary school certificates (grade 12) must be verified first by The  Department of     Basic Education or UMALUSI.

- UMALUSI will also verify: Senior Certificate, National Senior Certificate     (schools            after 2008/11); National Senior Certificate (Colleges – N3 subjects   and  two            languages);National N3 Certificate; National Certificate (Vocational) –   Levels 2, 3            and 4; General Education and Training Certificate (ABET Level 4);   and Subject             Statements/Certificates and/or Learning Area Certificates for the   above             qualifications.

 • Degrees and Diplomas obtained through higher educational institutions and training    facilities need to be verified by the Department of Higher Education and Training

 • All medical certificates issued by a medical doctor after a medical examination    on a     patient needs to be stamped and signed at the Health Professions Council of South     Africa (HPCSA).  

 • Documents pertaining to the transportation of livestock, including pets, should be     stamped and signed by an authorised State Veterinarian.

   Documents that must be Apostilled at the High Court or Authenticated for Embassy    Authentication at the High Court.

 • Divorce decrees and settlement agreements:  

 • Notary Copies.

 • Sworn Translations

Complete the Inquiry Form for Cost Estimate.