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Copy or Duplicate of your Divorce Decree, Divorce Order or Divorce Paper.

Enquire now about our service for obtaining a Copies of Divorce Decrees and Settlement Agreements on your behalf.

   Documents needed   Process    Fees   When Needed  Courts Serviced    Lead Times  


  General Information           

Information needed to obtain a divorce decree.

 1. The divorce court name and case number.

     1.1. If you do not have a case number and are not sure in which court the divorce case             took place, we can search for the case number and court.

Download application form here.

• Kindly also add copies of the party’s ID where possible.

 2. Under what circumstances will the case no not be on the electronic data base.

• When there was more than one divorce for the same person and the divorce is not             the last divorce.

• When the divorce was not registered, and the person is still shown as married on             the General Population Register.

 3. What is the alternatives if we cannot find the divorce case no on the central       data base?

       We will refer you to a company who does physical searches at a additional cost.


We can assist in obtaining the documents from the following courts.

 • High Courts of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town

 • Regional Courts of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town

 • Family and Magistrates Courts of Johannesburg,Pretoria  and Cape Town which include.

•• Benoni

•• Germiston

•• Randburg

•• Randfontein

•• Roodepoort

•• Pretoria Central

•• Pretoria North.

 • We also search for divorce decrees in the National and Contracted Archives.

   •• It has to be noted obtaining Divorce Cases from the Private Archives poses     a problem due to a dispute between the Department of justice and the private    archives.

Unfortunately, we do not know where the files are stored until we commence with the search

Cost and Fees.

3.3. Apostille and Authentication Cost and Fees.

     • Apostille R725

     • Authentication and Embassy Attestation R 1500 plus Embassy fees.

3.4. Courier Fees.

    • Door to door domestic R 150

    • Door to door International R 675

The lead times:

 Lead times depends on where files are stored but are usually as follow;

 • Obtaining case, no on electronic data base: 3 to 7 work days.

•• Please note this can only be obtained for the latest divorce. Other must            be hand searched on court rolls.

 • Obtaining case, no with hand search on court rolls: 7 to 20 work days. To be     discussed with service provider.

 • Obtaining Divorce Decree and Settlement Agreement:

•• Files stored at the different courts: 7 to 20 work days.

•• Files stored at the Government run archives: 10 to 20 work days.

•• Files stored at private archives: 2 to 6 months.

When Needed

Divorce decrees are usually needed for immigration purposes, alimony , inheritance pension fund distribution, marriage after divorce as well as update of marriage status on the population register.

Settlement agreements are usually needed for pension fund distribution, alimony and minor support agreements.

Knowledge Base

Obtaining copies of your Divorce Decree and Settlement Agreement in SA can be a daunting task especially if you are not sure of the court , date and case no. We have had many a bride or bride groom contacting us in desperation as they just cannot get married or  potential immigrants who cannot finalise their documents. We can assist u taking out all the frustration and fruitless hours.

We have built up a knowledge base and contact list of where to search, who to ask and sometimes who to irritate until they must assist. We have a dedicated team whom know which buttons to push and put in effort as if it is for themselves to obtain the certificates, decrees and documents. If we cannot obtain it, it is very seldom that it is obtainable. We have really on more than one occasion saved the day.

Divorce records can only be obtained from the specific High, Regional or Family Court where the divorce took place. First step is you must obtain or have a divorce case no - that is a must. In most instances we can assist. Then you must search for the divorce documents at the courts or various archives.

Luckily we have a dedicated team who does this every day with a success rate of more than 90%.

We can obtain Divorce Records/Papers/Documents in South Africa.

  • Not always easy to obtain but we do it.

  • We will assist in obtaining the case number - 90% plus success rate.

  • You can only obtain divorce records from the court where the divorce was granted.

Either call us on (012) 6709022 or email us at info@gmtm.co.za for the full information package.