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Visa Solutions Clients Website Office Hours: 012 6709010 or 012 6709022 Cell No if you cannot get through on land lines: 084 769 6000 and 076 974 4840 Email address: info@gmtm.co.za ( always use VS + Your initials and surname in subject line

Apply for your South African Unabridged Marriage Certificate  On-Line and  get it Delivered any where in the world.

Enquire now about our service for obtaining a Unabridged Marriage Certificate or

Vault Copy on your behalf.

            Documents needed   Process    Fees     Lead Times  When Needed     General Information          

Information and Documents needed for application.

 • Download and complete forms

    •• Client Sheet

    •• Application and Power of Attorney

 • For all marriages from 2000 we also need a copy of the DHA 30

 • Scan and email to us at info@gmtm.co.za

 • We will process and send you a invoice with payment options.

 • The applications will only be lodged the first work day after the deposit reflects in our     bank account.

 • Lead time commences when payment reflects in our bank account.

   What we do when we receive the applications.

 • Application is compiled on prescribed application forms.

 • If we adequate information we will invoice the client.

 • On receipt of the Deposit one of our consultants lodge the application    personally.

 • After we have lodged the application we make sure that the application is    registered on the relevant systems and being processed.

 • We follow up and deal with any queries.

 • When the certificate is ready we collect it and proceed with it according to   your instructions.

The lead times:

 • 10 to 20 working days. ( 90% plus success rate)

 • Within 90 days in about 8% of instances.

 • Unobtainable in about 2 % of instances.

Cost and Fees.


When Needed

• Immigration

• Travel

• Citizenship

Knowledge Base

 • Passengers under the age of 18 require them in addition to the other required documents (passports, visa stamps, etc.) when entering or exiting South Africa.

Must Read

It is important to note that Home Affairs are making it extremely difficult for 3rd Parties and Agents to apply for Home Affairs Documents. We are still in a position to do it but this practise can be stopped any day without warning.

How to Complete the Application

  • Types of certificates: Mark with Circle and delete rest.

   •• Unabridged Certificate: This certificate also shows the parents details.

   •• Abridged Certificate: Only shows persons details.

   •• Certified Copy: Vault Copy

 • A: Husband/ Partner A: That is particulars of person certificate is applied for.

   •• Write in black block letters.

   •• If the birth entry number is not available leave blank.

 • B: Particulars of Wife/ Partner B:

   •• Give as much information as possible.

   •• Where information is not available leave blank – don’t guess.

 • C: Particulars of Marriage Officer     •• Give as much information as possible.

     •• Where information are not available leave blank – don’t guess.

 • D: Particulars of Applicant: Particulars of person applying for document – with other words your particulars.

Additional Forms to Complete.

 For all marriages after 2000 a additional form is required. It is the BI130. This is the form which both parties to the marriage sign (A4) size. The original is handed in at Home Affairs to register the marriage .

You can obtain a copy from the marriage officer.

Either call us on (012) 6709022 or email us at info@gmtm.co.za for the full information package.

How to Complete the Application

Additional Forms

Important Must Read