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South African Police Clearance Certificates is a Certificate issued by the Criminal Record centre of the SAPS confirming the absence or presence of

This can be a time consuming and difficult process especially due to the changes in application procedures introduces by the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Cervices whom processes these applications. (Yes we can still process your applications within the shortest Lead Time possible.)

Documents Needed    Process   Lead Time   Fees   When Required    Knowledge Base

  Fingerprints in South Africa     Fingerprints outside South Africa   

Criminal Record Expungement / Removal  Expidited / Fast Track Police Clearance Certificate

GMTM Consultants is perfectly placed and situated with our knowledge base, systems and location to make this process easy, time and cost effective.

Documents needed for a South African Police Clearance Certificate.

 • Full Set of fingerprints

   ** Where to obtain fingerprints in South Africa.

   ** Where to obtain fingerprints outside of South Africa

    to obtain the fingerprints inside and outside South Africa.

 • Certified copy of your Identity Document or Passport.

 • Application and Indemnity form.

 • GMTM Client sheet.


 • Obtain the documents as stated above.

 • First scan the documents to us and if the quality is good enough me may be   able to use the electronic prints to info@gmtm.co.za

 • If all the documents meet the requirements we will lodge the application and    invoice you accordingly.

Lead Time

• Normal Lead Time 15 to 25 work days.

• Expedited / Fast Track lead Time 5 to 7 work days

Fingerprints Inside of South Africa

 1. South African Police Service

 • In South Africa Finger Prints are obtained from the South African Police Service.

 • Fingerprints must be taken on form SAPS 91 91(a’)

 • Fingerprint taker must complete all details on the form.

 • Fingerprints are only done during office hours and week days.

 • It seems that the SAPS at some Police Stations does not want to give the prints to the    client. Ask for a second set which you provide to us. If you have to pay again for second     set we will reimburse you.

2. By a GMTM Fingerprint Taker. ( Only Johanneburg and Pretoria)

2.1. At our offices: Fingerprints can be taken at our offices . This is only for use of obtaining Police Clearance Certificates through GMTM Consultants.

2.2. At your premises In Johannesburg or Pretoria. This is only for use of obtaining Police Clearance Certificates through GMTM Consultants.

Fingerprints Outside of South Africa

 If you are outside of South Africa there are various options to obtain finger prints namely:

 • Your local Police Service.

 • Certified Finger Print Taker.

 • South African Embassy

 • Fingerprint form for use outside of SA only if specific country does not have fingerprint    forms.

Electronic Submissions.

 The Criminal Record centre also accepts Electronic finger prints with the pre requisite that the prints originated outside of South Africa and the prints are not taken on a South African Form.

• Scan or email the prints to us.

• If the quality is acceptable the application will be done from the electronic finger prints.

  Email to: info@gmtm.co.za

Cost and Fees 


When are Police Clearance Certificates Needed.

PCC are usually needed for work permits, Immigration and on occasion

 for certain occupations.



Documents needed :

 • Full Set of fingerprints

 • Certified copy of your Identity Document or Passport.

 • Application and Indemnity form.

 • GMTM Client sheet.

The Fee R 2999

 • Deposit Payable R 2497

 • Balance on completion R 998

 • If we do not obtain your Police Clearance in 5 working days we refund you

    R 1499 of your deposit no questions asked.

 • The Lead Time commences the first work day after your deposit reflects in our bank    account.

  Our Guarantee.

 • If we cannot scan you the Police Clearance Certificate by end of day on the 5 working    day of the Lead Time we:

   - Refund you R 774 of your Deposit.

   - We give you the Police Clearance as soon as it comes out.

   - The client must not have a previous conviction.


 • Obtain the documents as stated above.

 • First scan the documents to us and if the quality is good enough me may be able to use    the electronic prints to info@gmtm.co.za

 • If all the documents meet the requirements we will lodge the application and  invoice you    accordingly.

When Needed

Police Clearance Certificate is are usually required for work visa applications, immigration purposes and a pre-requisite for certain careers.

Police Clearance Certificate Questions and Answers

What is a Police Clearance Certificate? A Police Clearance Certificate is a Certificate which confirms criminal convictions or the absence there off.

What shows on a Police Clearance certificate?

Any offence you were charged with and found guilty irrespective of the charge. It can even be for a minor offence like drunk and disorderly. This also includes admissions of guilt for example reckless driving.

What does not show on a Police Clearance Certificate?

Minor traffic offences and bad debt.

When will a Police Clearance Certificate not be issued?

When a person is endorsed as wanted a clearance certificate will not be issued until the wanted status is removed from a persons name.

Where does one apply for a Police Clearance?

In South Africa the Criminal Record Centre which is part of the South African Police Service issues the certificate.

Application can be done through two avenues namely by handing in the application at the local Police or direct at the Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

What is needed to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate?

A set of fingerprints on a official form, copy of ID or passport and proof of payment, The following information must be recorded on the fingerprints. Name, surname, date of birth and Identity number. The designation of the finger print taker must be shown.

What is needed for a Police Clearance?

The applicant must provide a full set of his/her fingerprints, preferably taken at their nearest police station. The applicant’s full name, surname, date of birth, place of birth and identity number must also be recorded on the fingerprint form. A copy of the applicant’s identity document or passport must accompany the application. The applicant must present their identity document at the police station, as proof of identity will be required.

What must you take with for your fingerprints?

In South Africa the fingerprint fee in cash, your ID or passport and something to clean your hands with after your prints has been taken.

Is electronic prints accepted?

Yes Electronic Prints are accepted.

How long does it take to obtain a Police Clearance?

There any many factors involved bit the clearance generation side takes approximately 15 working days but unfortunately delays occur which makes a turn around time of 6 weeks plus not uncommon.

This delay can be avoided by using specialists like GMTM Consultants.

Can a Police Clearance be Attested or Legalised for use out side of South Africa?

The certificate can be legalised for use outside of South Africa.

How long is a Police clearance Valid for?

It depends on the target country or organisation but usually between 3 and 12 months with 6 months being the norm.

Can you get more than one copy?

Re-prints can be obtained within the first six months from the original issue.

Can the same finger prints used more than once?

No except for a re-print within the first six months from issue new finger prints must be used for a new application.

From what age can a person get a Police Clearance Certificate?

There is no age restriction but as Records for minors, under the age of 16 ,  is closed no information of offences that happened under the age of 16 will be made public and thus there is no use for clearances for people under 16.

Can a criminal Conviction be removed from a persons name?

Yes if certain criteria is met the criminal offence can be expunged or removed. Please read more here

Lead Time for Police ClearCertificates.

 • Normal Lead Time 15 to 25 work days

• Expedited lead Time 5 to 7 work days.