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Export Codes

When Exporting a Vehicle out of South Africa one of the requirements are a Export Permit issued by the Department of Trade and industry also known as DTI.

Enquire now about our service for obtaining a Export Permit on your behalf.

An Export permit is authorisation by the Department of Trade and Industry to remove a vehicle permanently from South Africa

   Documents Needed  Process  Lead Time Fees When Required  Knowledge Base

Documents needed  to apply for a Export Permit .

1. If you apply as a individual.

 • Application for a Export Permit: IE362

 • Vehicle registration certificate

 • Police Clearance certificate

 • Applicants passport or ID

 • Owners ID or passport

 •  If the applicant is not the owner sales invoice or a avadavat confirming the sale.

 • Export code number from SARS.

2. If you apply as a business ( All of above plus)

 • Application to Register as a Exporter with ITAC: IEPS-230E

 • Company tax clearance certificate.     

Process to obtain clearance .

 • Complete and scan all documents to us at info@gmtm.co.za

 • We will apply for the export permit on your behalf

 • The process takes about 3 working days.

 • The permit will be emailed to you.

Cost and Fees.


When Required

 When a vehicle is to be permanently Exported.

Lead Time

2 to 3 work days

Knowledge Base

A further requirement is the either the exporter or the seller must register with SARS as a Exporter. This is a requirement even if you are only going to export a vehicle once in your lifetime.

Either call us on (012) 6709022 or email us at info@gmtm.co.za for the full information package.